Bangkok – Vientiane

Call us old fashioned but we don't have a GPS. This means it took us a bout 3 hours to finally leave Bangkok behind us.

In Khao Yai NP it was our first traffic jam caused by elephants. You don't see that often in Holland.
After some serious 'gas op de lolly' we entered Laos without any big issues to do the Bolaven Plateau loop. Beautiful villages, waterfalls and Lao Coffee was the award.

In Thakek we met Piers Hammond, an overlander who we have been following on Instagram. His amazing stories and pictures were very inspiring.
The loop around Thakek to Konglor Cave is awesome and a perfect way to meet interesting strangers along the way. 

In Vientiane we took some rest to do paperwork and to arrange the Myanmar and India visa. We visited the only cinema in Laos to see the truly beautiful and amazing Lalaland. We can't wait to see it again.

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