Not all those who wander are lost

We are a Dutch medical couple working, living and travelling  around the globe.

Lynette van Heeswijk was born in 1988 in Tilburg and Jurrian Reurings (’78) was born and raised in Utrecht. Lynette studied Medical Imaging and radiation therapy and worked as a radiographer in the st Elisabeth Hospital in Tilburg. Jurrian is a surgeon and was a surgical registrar in the same hospital. It was love at first sight in the trauma room in the Emergency department. Well at least for him.

We both love to travel, visit places, meet people and take on adventure. We travelled to Brazil, Texas, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Mediterranean Europe. The last few years we lived in Curacao. a small holiday island in the Caribbean, and in Groningen,  a beautiful city in the northern desolated parts of the Netherlands before moving to Down Under, to Sydney in Australia.  Apart from travelling and making  (road) trips we love poker, football, photography, film and off course motorcycles.

Jurrian first rode a motorbike in northern Vietnam. At that time he didn’t have a license so his first time on a motorbike in the centre of Hanoi was pretty impressive.

Before the trip to India we decided to get our license and we rode on the Royal Enfields in Ladakh to the world’s highest motorable road in the world (5602m). Here we fell in love with the Royal Enfields, it simplicity its sheer beauty and its sound hit us like a hurricane and never left. 

In Sydney we bought 2 Classic Royale Enfields 500 cc. Lyn rides the Battle Green 2012 aka as ‘ The Bull’ and Jurrian rides the Battle Green special Edition 2015 aka ‘The Beast’.

These machines brought us in and around Australia and even all the way over land up to the Netherlands. 

Jurrian & Lynette


Four wheels may get you there, but two wheels will make the journey memorable


Not all those who wander are lost